Alessa Brazilian Mood - CD

"FRESH, INVIGORATING & SOULFUL" Alessa Brazilian Mood is a surprisingly welcomed breath of fresh air... ALFREDO CRUZ KLON 88.1 FM    ALESSA BRAZILIAN MOOD IS ALESSA'S DEBUT AS A RECORDING ARTIST. Thirteen classic Brazilian songs; The Girl from Ipanema, Agua de Beber, Você e eu, Porto Seguro, Ilumina and more are included in this album. These contemporary arrangements (by Zaza), have a mixture of Brazilian Jazz, Samba and Latin rhythms. It's like listening to Tom Jobim's compositions of the new century. Alessa's soft and expressive vocals, added to the spectrum of dynamic arrangements, deliver music that shootes the soul and transports the listeners to peaceful and beautiful places. Produced by Zaza and Alessa. KC & A Records, is the label and distributor. Kenneth W. Comstock is the Executive Producer. Air play: KKJZJazz 88.1 James Janise, Chuck Niles, Alfredo Cruz and José Rizo. KPFK 90.7 Fri 10 to 1 p.m. Sergio Mielniczenko. Hawaii Radio Station Live Interviews: Global Village KPFK 90.7 with Sergio Mielniczenko. Brazil TV with Carlos Gutto Siqueira. TV Variety Cable Show: Norma's Place.


Alessa Rio Inspired - CD

ALESSA RIO INSPIRED. A fusion of Samba and Jazz, this is what this album is all about. Alessa and Zaza are reunited again after their successful ALESSA BRAZILIAN MOOD album. Together they deliver a unique music celebration of happiness, sadness, passion and joy. Inspired by the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Alessa's beautiful vocals revive the magic of the festive days. The eleven-track album compiles songs from unforgettable composers such; Vinicius de Morães (Samba de Gesse); Luis Bonfá (Black Orpheus); Baden Powell (Berimbau); Roberto Menescal (My little boat) and others. This album features Robert Kyle in tenor saxophone and flute among other great players. Also, Alessa and Robert showcase their song Samba de Marengo. 



Alessa & MC - CD

ALESSA & MC is Alessa's newest release . This album showcases another facet of Alessa not only as a vocalist but as a song writer. Out of the eleven tracks of the album, nine are originals. This project is a collaboration between Alessa and MC (Pablo Correa and Pablo Medina), drummer and keyboard player respectively, composers and producers of the album. A galaxy of stars is featured in this album; Richie Gajate Garcia (percussions); Robert Kyle (Saxophone and flute); Dan Weinstein (Trombone and violin) and the South American bass player Guillermo Vadala, among others. Latin pop, gypsy rhythms, salsa feel, Afro-Peruvian-Brazilian and South American sounds are the roots of this album. Watch for "El Sabor de tu piel" (the flavor of your skin) and "Dame el Amor" (give me love). Get ready for non-stop dancing!