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Alessa & MC

Original Latin Pop Music

ALESSA & MC is Alessa's newest release . This album showcases another facet of Alessa not only as a vocalist but as a song writer. Out of the eleven tracks of the album, nine are originals. This project is a collaboration between Alessa and MC (Pablo Correa and Pablo Medina), drummer and keyboard player respectively, composers and producers of the album. A galaxy of stars is featured in this album; Richie Gajate Garcia (percussions); Robert Kyle (Saxophone and flute); Dan Weinstein (Trombone and violin) and the South American bass player Guillermo Vadala, among others. Latin pop, gypsy rhythms, salsa feel, Afro-Peruvian-Brazilian and South American sounds are the roots of this album. Watch for "El Sabor de tu piel" (the flavor of your skin) and "Dame el Amor" (give me love). Get ready for non-stop dancing!


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Alessa Brazilian Mood

Alessa Rio Inspired

Alessa & MC



Live Shows and Tours

  • November 18, 2018
    The Stage california Fusion Restaurant, Burbank, California
  • December 2, 2018
    The Stage california Fusion Restaurant, Burbank, California

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